Many people want to exercise but dont have the motivation or self-esteem to actually do it. It can be uninteresting but here is some tips why you should exercise and what it is good for.
Exercise can improve your appearance which can improve your confidence and can also help you feel more social if you workout at a gym. Even if you dont see the results on your body immeditaly, that effort will make you feel better and a bit of confidence can make you go a long way.
When I've been training, I feel strong in my body. Like there's nothing and no one who can stop me and the only way to go is forward. A feeling I also feel when I've trained is pretty, especially when I know I will be even more prettier. So yes, exercising boost your self-esteem!
Another inspiring motivationtip to exercise is the sleep. Are you one of the people with sleep habits? Then exercising is perfect for you!
It says that your sleep will be better if you exercise in the morning. Morningexercises can relieve stress and improve mood. Being exposed to natural light in the morning, even if you are exercising or not. can improve your sleep at night.
If you exercise right before bed or about three hours before bedtime, it can actually make it harder to fall asleep because it raises your body temperature which you'll soon discover, it is not what you want.
I believe in this motivationtip. 
Once I workout in the morning I feel a little more tired in the evening when I go to sleep, so it really seems to work! If you have sleep habits, try to exercise!
It is scientifically proven that you live longer if you exercise. Many people already know that, but it's pretty impressive HOW much. Exercising will enhance your achievements as much as quitting smoking. It's true that sitting all day is killing you, so just a bit of regular exercise can make your life longer.
Except that exercise keeps you healthy, it also reduces the risk of heart disease and a lot of other healthproblems that can be a problem in your living. You will also have less sick days beacuse exercise help boost the immune system.
Even though you have a busy schedule or a busy living, we can all make time to train. Exercising does not mean that you have to spend two hours every day, ten minutes of exercise a few times a week is really good!
To hear about all these good things makes, at least me, more motivated and inspired. Train and you will be feeling excellent inside and on the outside!

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